Flyer Tandem 7.83 Demo

Flyer Tandem 7.83 Demo


Flyer Tandem 7.83 Demo

Flyer Tandem 7.83 Demo is our in-store demo. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or give us a call at 718-524-3708 for Brooklyn, New York, or at 562-262-5138 for Long Beach, California.

The Flyer Tandem 7.83 not only brings together fun and safety, but above all two people. Sophisticated technical features enable the Tandem to be adjusted to both riders, providing unparalleled comfort.

For the very best team performance, the two cranks have a freewheel mechanism, enabling the stoker to pedal independently of their captain. A smooth, low-maintenance, extremely durable carbon-reinforced belt drive transfers the power between the front and rear cranks. The well-designed, elegantly integrated battery gives the FLYER Tandem an extra-low center of gravity and provides plenty of assistance and even more range. The seating position can be personalized for both riders using the saddle adjustment and the angle-adjustable stems. On the 7.83 model, the low-maintenance high-performance «Rohloff Speedhub» makes it easy to select the right gear, even when waiting at traffic lights.

Motor: The Bosch Performance Line CX (Gen 4) accelerates extremely powerfully, responds without delay and features convincing agile handling and even more control. With up to 340% of perfectly delivered support, it pushes the joy of eMountain biking to the next level.

Battery: What more could you want? The new Bosch PowerTube 625 lets you enjoy long and mountainous rides, while still reserving plenty of energy for every adventure. Thanks to a rated capacity of 16.7 Ah and approx. 625 Wh energy content, the lithium-ion battery brings maximum ranges and altitudes within your grasp. The well-secured PowerTube 625 will not fall out of its housing, even on demanding terrain.

Display: Intuvia guarantees easy and intuitive control of your eBike. The display remains clearly visible under all lighting conditions. The separate control unit allows you to keep your hands safely on the handlebar, and you’re guaranteed a clear view of all riding data at all times. The shift recommendation feature makes sure you always pedal in the right gear; this preserves the battery and increases your range.

Top Speed: The Flyer Tandem 7.83 provides ample speed with a top speed of 20mph. If you’re looking for more speed, check out our fast electric bikes.

Accessories: Our team has a lot of experience outfitting bikes with additional accessories, so be sure to reach out to us if there’s anything you may need.








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