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If you did not purchase your e-bike with us, you can still fill this out and we will do our best to help, but we can’t make any promises. We have to give priority to our customers.

Note For Local Customers
Please get in touch with us before bringing in your eBike. It often takes longer for us to service your eBike if we are unable to plan for your arrival (i.e. ordering parts, scheduling our techs).

Bosch Regional Service Center
Bosch has designated us as their regional expert service center. No other manufacturers have such a designation, but we bet it would be us if they did! Our techs are skilled to work on all the major motor systems and other components.

Rohloff Regional Service Center
Rohloff has designated us as their US expert service center. Our techs are trained and experienced to work on all aspects of the Rohloff hub system.