Gazelle makes eBikes for everyday life, and everyone.

In the late 1800s when only the wealthy could afford a car, Gazelle was there to provide another, more accessible means of transportation, the bicycle. In the 1960s and 70s, when the Netherlands had been taken over by cars, Gazelle was there to support bringing the city back to life, again through the ever-practical bike.

Practical, approachable, comfortable and stylish, Gazelle continues to exceed its “Royal” title, bestowed upon the brand by The Netherlands’ Princess Margriet for 100 years in business. Founded in 1892 with the commitment to make cycling accessible and enjoyable for all, Gazelle eBikes are for everyone, now more than ever.

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“At Gazelle, our purpose is to motivate as many people as possible to ride because it’s better for their health, it’s better for the environment, and it’s just fun. We always say, we provide the fun, the fitness and the freedom for people to go wherever they want. Motivating people to cycle more, that’s the purpose of Gazelle, to spread that little fire farther, and on a global scale.”

Mirjam van Coillie, Director of Marketing & Innovation


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Whether you’re looking for an eBike to ride to work, cruise around town, or get some exercise, Gazelle makes eBikes for everyday life, and everyone.


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For at-home support, these downloadable manuals for Gazelle eBikes and components are a huge help:

We’ve compiled a list of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Gazelle eBikes. We hope you find these helpful, but please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need more information. Just fill out this form and one of our Matchmakers will get back to you shortly.

If you find yourself having difficulties mounting your eBike, or maybe your inseam is just a little short for an otherwise comfortable frame size, then a mid- or low-step frame would be a good choice. Or perhaps you just like the aesthetic, that’s a great reason, too. But those who can mount a bike just find and/or prefer the look of a “regular frame,” then go for a high step!

T: The eBike comes equipped with a chain and derailleur

C: The eBike has a Gates carbon belt drive and internal hub (as opposed to the chain and derailleur)

+: These are Class 3, high-speed eBikes with pedal assist up to 28mph.
All eBikes without the + are Class 1, offering pedal-assist up to 20mph.

The warranty period begins on the date you purchase the eBike.

  • Gazelle offers a 10-year warranty on material and construction defects on the frame and the fixed front fork.
  • All sprung forks material and construction defects are covered by a 5 year warranty period
  • 5-year warranty on the paintwork on the frame and front fork, against rust formation
  • 2-year warranty on chrome parts and other painted parts, against rust formation
  • The Ultimate frame has a 15-year warranty against material and construction defects on the frame
  • Replacing parts under warranty is covered by the standard warranty for the bicycle.

To learn more about Gazelle’s warranty policy, click here.

Gazelle builds high-quality eBikes made to last for years, with quality components and the safest and most efficient electric motor system available, Bosch eBike Systems. So how do they stay so wallet-friendly? One way Gazelle achieves this is by manufacturing some components that other companies would otherwise outsource, such as suspension forks or seatposts. Not having that extra cost of purchasing from a third party, Gazelle extends these savings, which is reflected in their value priced products.

Gazelles are perfect for commuting and casual rides around town. But how far can you push it? Taking a Gazelle through a park with an easy trail system or on a fire road is perfectly okay, just be aware of what you’re riding over to prevent getting a flat tire. If your plan is to do more off-road riding than on the road, or if you want to do sportier off-road riding, then a Gazelle may not be what you’re looking for. (Check out our Adventure & Off-road guide for more options).

How far you can ride before needing to charge your battery depends on several factors, such as motor type, level of assistance, the weight the bike is carrying (rider + cargo), terrain, elevation, wind resistance and more. We highly recommend checking out our Range Assistant Guide for more details.

One model, the Medeo T9, has a 400wh external Bosch Powerpack affixed under the rear rack and an average range of around 35 miles. The rest of the fleet comes with a 500wh frame integrated Bosch Powertube, getting you an average of about 35 to 45 miles.

A few of the Gazelle models can be equipped with a dual battery upgrade, which is an externally mounted 500wh or 400wh powerpack.

For folks that want more range but don’t want a dual battery mount, or if the eBike is not compatible with a dual battery, you can always purchase a second battery to swap out while on your ride. Throw it in a pannier bag or a backpack when you think you’ll need it, and you’re good to go!

How long will a Gazelle eBike last?
Gazelle eBikes are built to last at least a decade, and maybe even longer with proper care. Bring your bike into a Bosch-certified shop for regular maintenance from an experienced technician, or if you ever need service or receive an error code. Depending on your riding style, parts that will need to be replaced regularly include your brake pads, chain, and cables.

A big concern for most when deciding to invest in an eBike is the maintenance required. The great thing about the Bosch eBike System is its reliability, so the only thing you should have to worry about is charging it at the end of your ride. Besides the general maintenance involved in bicycle upkeep (such as cleaning/lubricating a chain, replacing brake pads now and again, and making sure bolts are still tight and secured), there isn’t much else to it! If you’re looking to perform even less maintenance, Gazelle has eBikes equipped with a Gates carbon belt in place of a steel chain, paired with an internally geared hub.

Please note: Bosch bikes do require updates every once and a while. These updates are to be done at a certified Bosch dealer, at which time you might as well schedule a general tune-up.