Moustache Introduces a Tandem e-MTB for 2017

Introducing the first production Bosch powered Tandem E-MTB produced by French electric bike brand Moustache. We’re very excited to help introduce this bike to the US. Based on their tried and true Samedi platform, introducing the Samedi 27×2 or Saturday 27×2 for us English speaking folks. I don’t know about you, but this is very exciting for us!


This is one of the first production models introducing the Bosch dual battery system. The new configuration makes bigger battery capacities a possibility, and obviously that’s a good thing on a tandem! The Samedi 27×2 uses two 500Wh batteries for maximum range. It would be quite cool to do some longer tours on this setup.

The bike features a SRAM 11-speed drivetrain and a Rockshox Yari fork up front, and Moustache has gone for the popular 27.5+ wheel size with 2.8″ Maxxis tires. The timing chain between the two sets of cranks is on the same side as the drive chain, as opposed to where it would normally be on the opposite side. That’s presumably down to the limitations of what’s possible with the Bosch motor. This doesn’t come as much surprise, as Moustache is always pushing the limits in innovation.

The Samedi 27×2 will retail for ~$6600 USD. This bike will be available in limited quantities so please contact us if you’re interested.

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