Long Island Electric Bikes Rebrands To Propel

Going forward, Long Island Electric Bikes will be known as Propel Electric Bikes. With sales tripling in volume each year since its inception, Propel’s founder, Chris Nolte, recognized that it was vital to communicate the company’s full range of capabilities to a wider audience in order to uniquely and credibly address the nation’s evolving needs.

The new Propel retail location is set to open its doors in Brooklyn, in Spring of 2015.

“Our goal is to decrease the operation of automobiles by increasing the use of electric bikes in the United States. Electric bike usage in Europe is at 37% and in the United States it is less than 1%,” Nolte said.

Although there are several bicycle stores throughout the United States specializing in electric-assisted bikes, Propel intends to offer more. Propel is focused on selling nothing but tried and true quality products with the guarantee that Propel stands behind products, 100%.

“Customer service is one area where Propel has always impressed me” said Court Rye of ElectricBikeReview.com. Rye continues, “I always recommend that consumers buy locally because shops can help with fitting, maintenance and warranty support but that’s not always possible. I’ve seen Chris and his team fulfill orders all across America (I’ve even purchased from him myself) and the service is first rate. It’s easy to see why Propel has been selected as a flagship outlet for premium European brands like Focus, Kalkhoff and Haibike; in 2014 Propel was formally recognized as a top dealer for Easy Motion and I’m sure this year will continue that trend.”

The rebrand, including a new logo and website, establishes a concrete vision with a distinctive point of view that sets out to lessen the dependence upon foreign oil by adapting to the use of electric bikes as primary transportation. The logo captures Propel’s objective as it is clearly stated in the company’s tagline, “Changing The Way We Move”.

“Many people love cycling, but most US cyclists rely upon cars as their primary mode of transportation,“ said Propel Founder, Chris Nolte. As a service disabled Iraq war veteran who drove fuel trucks during active duty, Nolte explains, “We feel there is an ever-increasing demand to reduce our dependence on oil by utilizing viable transportation alternatives. It is our mission to provide and support this development.”

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