SKS Anywhere Mount

SKS Anywhere Mount


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SKS ANYWHERE mounts are a German-made panacea for the no-bottle blues. Curved seat tube, under the top tube, in front of the head tube, on a molded seat stay; the two independent hardpoints can be mounted anywhere imagination and bicycle mechanics will allow. Even with one on the back of the seat tube, under the seat clamp, and the other on the body of a dropper post. Worst case scenario the bottle becomes a bottom-out bumper for the rear suspension (acting with the tire) or a travel restrictor for the dropper.

The kit includes two rubber backed velcro straps for the most efficient blend of retention and quick removal which is how I mounted them for photo purposes but for best results I mount them with Zip Ties. The follow-up plan was to use a wrap of Gorilla tape where the Zip Ties and ANYWHERE base contact the frame for extra retention but they’ve stayed put perfectly without it.

Key Features:

  • Color: Black
  • Size: Adjustable

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