Busch & Muller 701 Mirror for E-Bikes

Busch & Muller 701 Mirror for E-Bikes


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The Busch & Muller 701 Mirror was specifically designed for fast ebikes. This is our most popular mirror for e-bikes and commuter. It’s perfect for riding with traffic.

The mirror plugs into the end of the handlebar and is tightened with an Allen bolt. The mount pivots on a vertical axis just outside of the handlebar, so that if you hit the bus, or the bus hits you, the mirror can pivot on that vertical axis and is far less likely to be damaged, or for the impact to knock you off balance. You just swing it back into its normal position. It will just click into proper alignment. Pretty nifty, I’d say. The inside diameter of the handlebar must be at least 16.7mm. The long dimension of the mirror is 115mm.


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