Yepp, you need a Yepp! With the use of new material and contemporary design, Yepp has redefined the world of child bicycle seats by showing that safety, ease of use, comfort, and design can go hand-in-hand. And, since safety is always top-of-mind, rest assured that each Yepp child bike seat is compliant with the most stringent European safety requirements and American ASTM standards. These award-winning child bicycle seats are designed and imported from the Netherlands – the world’s leader in cycle safety and bike-friendly fashion accessories. Unlike many other child bike seats on the market, a Yepp child bike seat is molded from an innovative and sturdy yet flexible rubber that absorbs shock and vibration from a bicycle ride, making for a smoother, more enjoyable ride for your child. In addition, they’re very easy to use – lightweight, waterproof, antimicrobial and easy to clean – for parents with young children.

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