Hi, I’m Basheir

You can find me at the Brooklyn, NY location, working toward those happy moments when I get to hand a new eBike over to a customer. There’s a special joy that comes with receiving a brand new bike and I love being able to play a part in making that happen. Fun fact: My name translates to “the guy who brings the good news.”

A little bit about me: Born in Sudan in the heart of Africa, I moved to New York City about eight years ago and fell in love with the bikes, people and culture. I have experience in the bike rental industry, both in NYC and San Francisco. If I’m not out hiking, playing FIFA, or sketching, I’m at Propel helping change the way people move.

My Favorite Propel Memory:

 I can’t pinpoint just one, but I always enjoy seeing that smile on a customer’s face when they get to ride a bike for the first time since their childhood (this happens more often than you’d think).

Contact Info:

My Schedule:

Sun-Mon & Wed-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm EST

Call me at:

(646)-832-4003 ext 023

My Favorite Bike:

Riese & Muller Superdelite Touring HS

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How I can help you!

As a Matchmaker, I can help you find the most compatible eBike for all your needs. And as a team player who genuinely enjoys being helpful, (some people say I even have a “resting smiling face”)